WikiWe JV

Joint Venture

The WikiWe Joint Venture Agreement implements a concise but comprehensive governance model for its member companies. The model is highly configurable and may be adapted for use with registered entities or unincorporated associations engaged in any kind of legal business that produces a divisible benefit, whether for-profit, public benefit, mutual benefit, or mixed purpose.

Each WikiWe member company agrees to issue a majority of their equity shares to individuals who will accept coupons redeemable for company shares in exchange for their active participation in pursuit of the company’s goals. Each equity share consists of a benefit token and a voting token. The benefit token is transferable and never expires. The voting token is non-transferable and expires upon the death of the holder, the person who first earns it. Each member company issues a limited number of coupons periodically (e.g., weekly, monthly, or quarterly) based on an algorithm specified in its governing documents.


Holders of member companies’ equity coupons each sign certain agreements designed to promote a high trust, mutual benefit culture among the community of coupon holders. These agreements begin with the

and include a variety of other forms and pledges tailored to the member company’s business enterprises and goals.