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Looking for part time work? Do you want interesting assignments and to be your own boss, while enjoying opportunities to earn equity shares in businesses that operate under a member-owned model?

3 Steps to Join

Step 1: Show Consent for Principle-centric Compacts

This first step is adopting the Terms of Content by reading the “Principled Peacemakers Compact” and joining via the group link in the Compact Acceptance section.

Principled Peacemakers - Consent Channels

Show consent to the 🕊️ Principled Peacemakers Compact by accepting one or more of the Principled Peacemakers Channels:

“Allow AI/Bots” → Telegram Consent (for those who want AI-savvy support)
"Humans Only" → Signal Consent (for those who only want human help)
"Register Email" → Email DISABLED (for those who prefer email)
Group License → Produced by WikiWe without centralizing IP

By joining any of these Consent Channels, I grant to all who likewise accept this License, a royalty-free for non-commercial use, non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide license to copy, perform, publish, share, and make derivative use of, any of my words, images, comments, and profiles such as I publish in any of the Principled Peacemakers Channels or the listed repositories (https://peacemakers.super.site), subject to the following conditions:

  • that you make no use of the licensed content that is offensive to peace and harmony of any group member or that dishonors the Principles and Core Values of any members;
  • that, before publishing any original or derivative work, you post a link to the work you propose to publish in the Consent Channel for at least seven (7) days without receiving objection from any authors or copyright holders of the content; and
  • you agree to not unreasonably withhold consent publication of your original work or derivatives thereof; and
  • you agree to resolve any conflicts regarding publication in accordance with the 🕊️ Principled Peacemakers Compact.

This Group License applies to original non-member contributions published at WikiWe.org or in the consent groups indicated below. The terms of WikiWe license pools replace this license for member contributions.

2023 ©️ WikiWe.org • Creating Without Limits • Some rights reserved @Nov 4, 2023

❔What’s the difference between the Signal and Telegram?

Both are an encrypted messaging, video, and screen-sharing platform.

Telegram allows us to bring bots/AI/LLM into the conversation.

Signal is a humans-only space right now.

Signal and Telegram are end-to-end, open source secure messaging applications for a variety of platforms. Free copies of Signal are available from signal.org, and Telegram from telegram.org. Both applications can also be found on major mobile application stores.

Once in the Peacemakers Signal channel, express your interest in joining one or more of the WikiWe License Pools described on this site. Alternatively, if you received an invitation to join, you can express your interest directly to the person who invited you.

Step 2: Screening and Consent Verification

Book your 15-min EchoScreen

After passing screening, you will have an opportunity to review the detailed membership materials for the license pool you are interested in joining. You may be required to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement before reviewing these materials. Each license pool has different requirements and membership levels, built on a common WikiWe Model Agreement. Minimum monthly fees currently set at $0 to $3300 may be required, depending on the license pool and membership level.

Step 3: Enroll Membership Plan

5 Extra Member Passes when you buy a Creator Passes by @November 23, 2023

If you decide to join, a member will assist you with executing the necessary agreements and setting up your regular monthly payments, if any. Depending on availability of volunteers, an initial setup fee of $100 or less may be required. The setup fee will be waived if a qualified member is available and willing to do the setup work without cash compensation.

Pricing Plans