You can share links with friends and audience members to purchase products on Minds through customized links and earn money on qualifying purchases. # Affiliate Program Earn 45% of all sales you refer for Boost, Minds+/Pro. > [!NOTE] Refer and earn > Plus: > Boost: > Pro: # Invite your friend to Minds Track rewards for friends that use your invite code to sign up on Minds. Earn for up to 1 year. ### Affiliate Referral Earn 5% of all of your affiliates’ earnings on their sales to others. ### Creator Referral Earn 5% of what any referred creator earns through features like Supermind, Memberships, and Tips. ### Invite and earn [View your total earnings]( on Minds. Your earnings on Minds through the Affiliate Program for both existing and new Minds members. 🗄️ Licensed under [CC BY-SA 4.0]( by [WikiWe™]( Commons • Updated 2024-02-06