I accept the Member Responsibilities of [[WikiWe Confidants 🤐]], which is abide by the [[Duties of Confidentiality]] and [[Principles of Peacemaking]]. > [!ABSTRACT]- [[WikiWe Confidants 🤐]] *Member Responsibilities* → [[Duties of Confidentiality]] > ![[Duties of Confidentiality]] > >> [!todo]+ [[WikiWe Confidants 🤐]] accept the [[Duties of Confidentiality]]. >> - [ ] Read [[WikiWe Confidants MNDA 24-03]] >> - [ ] Q&A in the [[🟡 Group]] >> - [ ] Completing the Signal Guide if needed >> - [ ] Install on all of your devices. #Markdown-here to begin. accept the the obligations to other confidants to adhere to the `=this.Current-MNDA` by joining one more of the Consent Channels below, effective the date of joining. The members of the Confidants' Channel shall be called hereafter `=this.confidants-group-link` or "Confidants", and "Prospective Confidant" for those still going through the vetting process. > [!tip]+ #Guide/2 Use [[Signal.org]] for **Secure Communications** > - [!] **Disclaimer**: Do you own research and verify what you don't understanding. > - [?] [[Why Signal.org]] > - [i] [[Getting Started with Signal.org]] > - [>] Join [[🟡 Group]] for community help > - [!] Please abide the [[Principles of Peacemaking]] and [[Duties of Confidentiality]] # I Show My Acceptance by Joining ↓ - [ ] [WikiWe Confidants - Signal Group](https://signal.group/#CjQKIGaW6HvoSpkM3nCX-6fAFm17bNlYId5YZOlZRVUKRW5BEhAWzvz3yv2DSdiuNxGRfu_5) - [ ] Each Party agrees by joining the WikiWe Confidants - Signal Group. The group may have "Approve new members" set to "On", in which case acceptance will become effective when the new member is accepted by a Signal Admin. - [ ] Each Party verifies the Group Description is **By joining this group, all members agree to abide by the [[WikiWe Confidants MNDA 24-03]] published at https://publish.obsidian.md/wikiwevault/Directory/Agreements/Core/WikiWe+Confidants+MNDA+24-03.** - [ ] Any Party may petition a fellow confidant to watch, witness, or notarize the acceptance of this MDNA. > [!example]- [[🅦 WikiWe.org]] • [[CC BY-SA 4.0|CC-BY-SA-]]24-04 by [[WikiWe Confidants 🤐]] > > ##### Notice [[WikiWe Confidants 🤐]] > - Notice is effective when made via  [[WikiWe Confidants 🤐]], or later specified in effective written notice provided, or by other notice with acknowledgement of receipt. > ##### Changes (Last `=dateformat(this.file.ctime, "yy-MM")`) > - This document was last modified in `=dateformat(this.file.mtime, "yyyy-MM")`. Any Signal Admin of [[WikiWe Confidants 🤐]] may propose changes to this document per notice above with changes effective after 7 days without reasoned objection. All changes must be versioned with earlier versions accessible via [[🅦 WikiWe.org]]. >##### Trademarks >- WikiWe™ is a current or intended trademark of Ricardiam DAO LLC. > >> ![[🅦 WikiWe.org#^wikiwe-wikicard]]