>We as Confidants each individually promise to uphold the [[Duties of Confidentiality]], ensuring the protection, secure handling, and respectful use of all confidential information entrusted to me, in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions. > [!abstract]- Abstract - Open for more details. > The duties of confidentiality are a set of obligations imposed on individuals or entities (the "Receiving Party") who receive confidential information from another party (the "Disclosing Party"). These duties are designed to protect the privacy, integrity, and value of the information shared under a mutual nondisclosure agreement (MNDA) or similar confidentiality agreement. The core responsibilities include maintaining the secrecy of the information, using it solely for the intended purposes, and ensuring its safe return or destruction when no longer needed or upon request. > Please read [[WikiWe Confidants MNDA 24-03]] for more information.