How much can distributed autonomous organizations do? It's an open question. The billion-dollar crypto industry is only part of the answer. Much more is possible. Believe it or not, many possibilities for governing DAOs have not been explored. Without a doubt, governance of human organizations molds the outcomes they produce. Follow this channel to learn how WikiWe does DAO governance, and how you can participate. It's different enough from what you're used to that it might take some time to understand. We'll dish it out in bite-sized pieces, one nutritious helping at a time, so you can absorb it all without interrupting your busy life. To begin, just understand that WikiWe is dedicated to mutual benefit, and fully owned by the people who work to make it happen, regardless of their wealth or worldly credentials. Many rewards will come to those who contribute their time towards shared goals. Hope to see you on the inside, when you're ready! Published January 9, 2024 at By Jonny Stryder![[Barn Raising.jpg]]