> [!info]+ **[[2024-04-17]] Open Sourcing Announcement** - [[WikiWe.org]] is Open Sourcing it core IP for decentralized conflict resolution ([[Principled Peacemakers Compact]]), the getting started and why [[Guides]], and the open core trusted digital [[Platforms]] and practices today that anyone can use for LocalAI and #EncryptedByDefault collaboration. >> [!example]- [[WikiWe Confidants 🤐]] are releasing the herein under the [[CC BY-SA 4.0]] as of this [[2024-04-17]] >> Files may contains components under a different license. >> ```dataview >> table >> where (contains(license, "CC BY-SA") or license = [[CC BY-SA 4.0]]) and file.ctime < "2024-04-18" >> ``` ## The #EncryptedByDefault Collab Trifecta: Signal, Share.Note.sx, and Around.co In an era where digital collaboration is not just a convenience but a necessity, the importance of privacy and security in communication and knowledge sharing cannot be overstated. [[Signal.org]], [[Obsidian.md]], and [[Around.co]] are three platforms that have taken encryption to heart, ensuring that their users can collaborate with peace of mind, knowing their data is secure by default. This article explores how each platform implements encryption and why they are pivotal for privacy-conscious collaboration. The following blocks are toggle-able with toggle-able sub-components. > [!note]- ### #AroundCo • Encrypted Video Calls for Remote Teams > > Around.co is a video calling platform designed for remote collaboration, offering encrypted video calls to ensure that discussions remain private[7](https://www.esecurityplanet.com/trends/types-of-encryption/). While specific details about Around.co's encryption practices are not provided in the search results, it is common for video conferencing tools to employ end-to-end encryption to secure communications. This practice is critical for protecting intellectual property and sensitive discussions from unauthorized access. > > ![[🔵 Room#^WikiWe-Around-Room-Callout]] > ### Beginner's Guide to [[Around.co]] >> [!tip]+ #Guide/1 Use [[Around.co]] for **Collaborative Conference Rooms** >> - [?] [[Why Around.co]] >> - [i] [[Getting Started with Around.co]] >> - [>] Join [[🔵 Room]] for community help >> - [!] Please abide the [[Principles of Peacemaking]] > [!note]+ ### #Signalorg • The Gold Standard for Secure Messaging > > Signal.org is renowned for its unwavering commitment to user privacy, providing state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption for messaging and calls through the open-source Signal Protocol[2](https://signal.org/legal/)[3](https://www.cyberghostvpn.com/en_US/privacyhub/who-owns-signal-is-it-safe/)[4](https://privacy.commonsense.org/privacy-report/Signal---Private-Messenger)[5](https://sequoia-pgp.org/blog/2021/06/28/202106-hey-signal-great-encryption-needs-great-authentication/)[6](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signal_Protocol)[8](https://www.wired.com/story/signal-encryption-protocol-hacker-lexicon/)[9](https://signal.org/blog/signal-is-expensive/)[14](https://signal.org/). This protocol is a non-federated cryptographic protocol that ensures only the communicating users can read the messages, effectively locking out any potential eavesdroppers, including Signal itself[6](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signal_Protocol).Signal's encryption is powered by the Double Ratchet Algorithm, which generates a new key for every message, making it virtually impossible for intercepted messages to be decrypted en masse[6](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signal_Protocol)[8](https://www.wired.com/story/signal-encryption-protocol-hacker-lexicon/). The service is designed to collect minimal data, storing only the date and time a user registered and the last date of a user's connection to the service[1](https://www.reddit.com/r/signal/comments/1492e5d/i_dont_trust_signal_am_i_wrong/)[2](https://signal.org/legal/). Signal's approach to privacy is so robust that it has been adopted by other major messaging platforms, cementing its position as a leader in secure communication[6](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signal_Protocol)[8](https://www.wired.com/story/signal-encryption-protocol-hacker-lexicon/). > > ![[🟡 Group#^WikiWe-Signal-Lobby-Callout]] > ### Beginner's Guide to [[Signal.org]] >> [!tip]+ #Guide/2 Use [[Signal.org]] for **Secure Communications** >> - [?] [[Why Signal.org]] >> - [i] [[Getting Started with Signal.org]] >> - [>] Join [[🟡 Group]] for community help >> - [!] Please abide the [[Principles of Peacemaking]] and [[Duties of Confidentiality]] > [!note]- ### [[Share.Note.sx]] + #ObsidianMd • Secure Note Sharing for #LocalFirst users > > Share.Note.sx offers Obsidian users a way to share their notes while maintaining the look and feel of their personal themes[10](https://share.note.sx/2b42bspo)[12](https://github.com/alangrainger/share-note)[13](https://share.note.sx/tywatfx0)[16](https://preyproject.com/blog/types-of-encryption-symmetric-or-asymmetric-rsa-or-aes)[17](https://share.note.sx/about). The service encrypts notes by default, with a unique decryption key appended to the shared link as a fragment identifier[10](https://share.note.sx/2b42bspo)[12](https://github.com/alangrainger/share-note)[17](https://share.note.sx/about). This key is not sent to the server, ensuring that only the sender and recipient can decrypt and read the shared content.Users have the option to share notes without encryption by using a frontmatter checkbox property, providing flexibility between security and the convenience of link previews[10](https://share.note.sx/2b42bspo)[12](https://github.com/alangrainger/share-note)[13](https://share.note.sx/tywatfx0). Share.Note.sx's encryption model is a prime example of how user-friendly design can coexist with strong security measures, making it an essential tool for privacy-conscious note sharing. > > ![[🪨🐣 Lounge#^833f2a]] > ### Beginner's Guide to [[Obsidian.md]] >> [!tip]+ #Guide/3 Use [[Obsidian.md]] as your **Markdown & AI Editor** >> - [?] [[Why Obsidian.md]] >> - [i] [[Getting Started with Obsidian.md]] >> - [>] Join [[🪨🐣 Lounge]] for community help >> - [!] Please abide the [[Principles of Peacemaking]] and [[Duties of Confidentiality]] ## The Importance of Encryption in Collaboration The "Encrypted By Default Collab Trifecta" of Signal, Share.Note.sx, and Around.co demonstrates the importance of encryption in modern collaboration tools. Encryption ensures that sensitive information, whether it be messages, shared notes, or video calls, is only accessible to the intended parties. This is not just a technical feature but a foundational aspect of user trust and digital security.In a world where data breaches and cyber threats are increasingly common, the default encryption provided by these platforms is not just a value-added feature but a necessity. By prioritizing user privacy and data security, Signal, Share.Note.sx, and Around.co set themselves apart as leaders in the collaboration space, offering tools that empower users to communicate and collaborate without sacrificing their privacy. ## Conclusion The "Encrypted By Default Collab Trifecta" represents a new standard in digital collaboration, where security and privacy are not afterthoughts but are ingrained in the very fabric of the platforms. Signal.org, Share.Note.sx, and Around.co exemplify the best practices in encryption, providing users with the confidence to collaborate freely in a secure digital environment. As the landscape of remote work and digital communication continues to evolve, these platforms lead the charge in protecting the privacy of their users, one encrypted byte at a time. > [!question]- Want help getting your #EncryptedByDefault Workspace setup... > See the [[Encrypted By Default Workspace - Starter Pack]] by [[✨Krono.Works]] > [!example]- [[🅦 WikiWe.org]] `=this.license+dateformat(this.file.ctime, "yy-MM")` by `=this.owner-group` • [Open](obsidian://open?vault=WikiWeVault&file=Notes%2FThe%20Encrypted%20By%20Default%20Collab%20Trifecta) >> [!info]- #GalleryOfContent >> ```ccard >> type: folder_brief_live >> ``` > >> [!warning]- `=this.owner-group` ©️`=dateformat(this.file.ctime, "yy-MM")`, some rights reserved, CONFIDENTIAL, DRAFT >> - [#] *[[✨Krono.Works]] ••• creating [[Websites]] like [[🅦 WikiWe.org]], [[Workspaces]], and [[Workshops]]* >> - ##### Subset Directory >> - [[Around.co]] >> - [ ] [[🔵 Room]] >> - [[Signal.org]] >> - [ ] [[🟡 Signal]] >> - [ ] [[Principled Peacemakers 🕊️]] >> - [#] [[WikiWe Confidants 🤐]] >> - [ ] [[Obsidian.md]] >> -  [🪨 Open page in Obsidian](obsidian://open?vault=WikiWeVault&file=Directory%2FWebsites%2FWikiWe.org) >> - [ ] [Excalidraw.com](https://app.excalidraw.com/redeem/4Gmr8hcgjdu/3O3AAI09M0b) >>> [!todo]- Tasks >>> ```tasks >>> filename includes WikiWe.org >>> limit 50 >>> ``` > > ##### Notice `=this.owner-group` > - Notice is effective when made via  `=this.owner-group`, or later specified in effective written notice provided, or by other notice with acknowledgement of receipt. > ##### Changes (Last `=dateformat(this.file.ctime, "yy-MM")`) > - This document was last modified in `=dateformat(this.file.mtime, "yyyy-MM")`. 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