##### A wise gardener once said: Imagine a gardener with two children, who lived in a house surrounded by neglected land. One morning, she asked the first child, >"Will you help me transform our land into a thriving garden, one that harnesses the sun's energy, recycles rainwater, and provides nourishment?" The first child, who was often lost in his own world, replied, >"I’d rather not." Yet, after reflection, this child saw the disconnect between personal achievements and the decaying world outside, felt a spark of responsibility, and went to work. The gardener approached the second child with the same request. This child, always speaking loudly of change and sustainability, answered immediately, >"Of course, I will help." But as the day went by, distracted by endless meetings and discussions about plansx, the second child did nothing. 'Which of the two,' the gardener asked, 'truly contributed to a regenerative environment?' The gardener concluded, >"Many of you speak of change, of a greener future, of harmony with nature. Yet, it is those who put their words into action, who may seem reluctant at first but embrace the work of transformation, that truly bring about a new world." > [!NOTE]- Licensed under `=this.license` thru **`=this.owner-group`**, some rights reserved > ##### Notice Notice is effective when made via  `=this.owner-group`. >##### Changes >- This license was last modified `=dateformat(this.file.mtime, "yyyy-MM-dd")`. Any Signal Admin of `=this.owner-group` may make changes to this document. All changes must be versioned with earlier versions accessible via [[🅦 WikiWe.org]] . >- Other versions: [[Two Children, One Employer]] >##### Confidentiality Any portion of this content that is shared by either of the Parties with the other Party and marked as confidential shall be treated as confidential under the [[WY IDR 24-03]]. >##### Trademarks >- WikiWe™ is a current or intended trademark of Ricardiam DAO LLC. >##### Arbitration Any issue or dispute arising by any Parties will be subject to binding arbitration appointed according to [[WY IDR 24-03]].