##### A Dr. Jekyll vs Mr. Hyde Dialogue ![[Dr vs Mr Duel Logo.png|500]] {Image Copycoded™ © Brazen Bry} {InputRights to each author} Dr: Let’s play a game “{dialogue-title}”. Here are your choices, {multiple-choice-input}. Mr: Dr: {poetic argument or claim} Mr: {poetic rebuttal or counter-claim} {3-10 rhyming pairs repeated, flip order half way} Mr: 30 or more years of delusion and greed; this small simple stone can collect what we need. Dr: {closing-statement} {End of InputRights} --- *Derivative © of [[Show Me The Money Games]] by Brazen Bry. Published 2024-03-01 under WikiWe™ + Eggseed Press Cross License.* *Copycoded™ Image licensed within WikiWe™ Group Cross License +10-50% Affiliate Share* > [!WARNING]- CONFIDENTIAL MARKCODE™ - Must accept [[🤐 WikiWe™ Confidants]] before opening this toggle > - Primary Witness Channel for status reports is [[Principled Peacemakers 🕊️]]. > - 10-50% Affiliate Share payments to participating [[Principled Peacemakers 🕊️]] for Donations to Authors of Copycoded™ Images. > - Complete the [[Brave Steps to Build Your Profile]] then ask [[WikiWe Confidants 🤐]] for the profile verification steps and access to redacted MARKCODE™.