##### A David vs Goliath Dialogue ![[Pasted image 20240301211103.png]] G: Let’s play a game “Winner takes all”. Here are your choices, join me or fall. D: Leave me alone, I say “winner helps all”. Your 2 false choices are just a mind wall. G: Deposit your cash, with interest it grows. Ignore the inflation, only sometimes it blows. D: Who makes the money? Who turns the dial? Free money is fake, I see through your guile. G: Join in the profit, the public market is trusted. It is not gambling. Don’t be disgusted. D: Every market is public, until its controlled. Why trust the trolls who tax everything sold? G: My economists profess, our models our sound. Believe in my numbers to say who get crowned. D: What clever schemes of profit from loss; why wont you say who’s really the boss? G: Respect my regulation, this is the best game. But increasing inequality, your neighbor’s to blame! D: Distract, dance, and yell, I won’t be your fool. Inciting the mob against their neighbors is cruel. G: How can you see past my 2 deep facades? Games of dualism were sent by the gods. D: 300 score years of delusion and greed; my small simple stone will do what we need. *© Jay Wake. Published on May 20, 2020.* *Image by [nickhuddlestonartist](https://www.deviantart.com/nickhuddlestonartist/)*