##### A Dr. Jekyll vs Mr. Hyde Dialogue ![[Dr vs Mr Duel Logo.png|500]] Mr: Let’s play a game “Gaslight the Victor”, but please stop pretending I ain't the respecter. Dr: Your Immoral License is stupid and sucks, but without it my blame is what morally fucks. Mr: Wisdom of ages, lost in the race, no algorithm replaces the human grace. Dr. I shut down your Web5 because your out of touch, my 2 party KERI cult is what's really clutch. Mr. Why feign ignorance of fair share royalties, unless God has demanded you give them your loyalties? Dr: Embrace the machines, they learn, they grow, in their silicon brains, future seeds we sow. Mr: Silence the soul, is the price too steep? In the chase for gold, what do we really keep? Dr: Money talks, in voices loud and clear, it opens doors, why not hold it dear? Mr: True power lies in knowing restraint, in the gardens of humility, we paint. Dr: Power is freedom, to do as you will, climb to the top, take your fill. Mr: Walls divide, bridges unite, in shared dawn, we find our light. Dr: Build walls high, security tight, in our fortress, we’ll survive the night. Mr: Data is king, in numbers we trust, in digital weavings, humanity is just. Dr: Numbers may lie, in hands unkind, in the stories of people, our truths we find. Mr: Claim your space, expand your reach, the stars themselves are within your leech. Dr: Expanding too far, too fast, we ignore, the beauty and balance of our own core. Mr: 30 or more years of delusion and greed, this small simple stone can collect what we need. Dr: But in the garden of time, with patience and care, it's the seeds of brave passion that flourish there. > [!info]- `=dateformat(this.file.ctime, "yyyy")` © **`=this.owner-group`**, created `=dateformat(this.file.ctime, "yyyy-MM-dd")`, all rights reserved, CONFIDENTIAL DRAFT > ##### Notice Notice is effective when made via  `=this.owner-group`. >##### Changes This document was last modified `=dateformat(this.file.mtime, "yyyy-MM-dd")`. All changes must be versioned with earlier versions accessible via WikiWe.org . >##### Confidentiality Any portion of this content that is shared by either of the Parties with the other Party and marked as confidential shall be treated as confidential under the [[Utah IDR 2.2]].