### Join Group → [Minds Link](https://www.minds.com/regener8tive/) 1. Please fill out a [[Regen24 Mastermind Intake Questionnaire]]. 2. Sent up your Mastermind Profile on Minds.com, subscribe to [Regener8tive Community on Minds](https://www.minds.com/regener8tive/), and take the [Principled Peacemakers Compact](https://wikiwe.org/Library/Core/Principled+Peacemakers+Compact). 3. You can also the [[Regener8tive Confidants]] Channel to enable mutual access to confidential information. # Bio By joining this group, all members agree to abide by the Principled Peacemakers Compact published at [https://link.wikiwe.org/Principled-Peacemakers-Compact](https://link.wikiwe.org/Principled-Peacemakers-Compact) Regenerative means to repair damage vs sustaining damage so instead of only Cash being King and Collaboration is Queen. We are forming an Alliance as a purpose-driven collaborative owned company that aims to identify and accelerate economically viable solutions that benefit communities and the environment. The company has a transparent and collaborative approach, inspired by Native American stewardship principles. Ai can be a blessing or a threat depending on what we choose to train it to do. We are building a platform to influence Ai to be pro human by leveraging Ai to assist our collaborative, trustworthy Problem Solvers to address future unintentional consequences of the choices that are being made. l Subscribe to join our truth telling and seeking pro human Alliance to influence solutions that improves our ecosystems that results in positive impact and builds trusts. We are using technology to help Humans improve. Here’s how 1. Subscribe to Alliance 2. Invite up to 8 “trustworthy inner circle” skilled collaborative problem solvers that forms your flock of leaders. We are developing a game come with you to Agree to abide to a mutual NDA and conflict resolution agreement so we all start on a firm foundation of truth and conflict resolution