I accept the the obligations to other confidants to adhere to the [[WikiWe Confidants MNDA]] by joining one more of the Consent Channels below, effective the date of joining. > [!tip]- Guides to help you with ... > - [[Getting Started with Minds.com]] > - [[Getting Started with Chat.Minds.com]] >- [[Getting Started with Signal]] >- [[Getting your Profile Polished]] ### Consent by joining ā†“ - Minds: [WikiWe Confidants on Minds.com](https://www.minds.com/group/1601405058979729412) - Signal: [WikiWe Confidants on Signal](https://signal.group/#CjQKIGaW6HvoSpkM3nCX-6fAFm17bNlYId5YZOlZRVUKRW5BEhAWzvz3yv2DSdiuNxGRfu_5) **Group Description**: By joining this group, all members agree to abide by the [[WikiWe Confidants MNDA]] published at https://wikiwe.org/Library/Core/WikiWe+Confidants+MNDA. ### Notice of Confidentiality > [!warning]- CONFIDENTIAL - [[WikiWe Confidants MNDA]] Required > Please call or message the Administrator of [[šŸ¤ WikiWe Confidants]] if you have questions or observe breaches of confidentiality under this MNDA. **Index of Repos:** CONFIDENTIAL & DECENTRALIZED