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WikiWe For Us

Whatever good thing you want to do, you can do more with the help of equal partners. We help companies and individuals build their reputations and merit-based collaborative enterprises for mutual and public benefit.

Our Principles & Promises

🤝 Peacekeeping

We promise to authentically, directly, peacefully, and proactively resolve conflict.

⚜️ Integrity

We promise to communicate truthfully and and honor our word as our bond.

🎏 Mutuality

We commit to treating everyone equally and only asking what we owe to others.

Our License Pools

Individuals can join WikiWe by signing up with any one of its license pools. Qualified groups can form license pools as divisions of Ricardiam, or as independent entities joining the WikiWe Joint Venture.

Companies can participate by joining the WikiWe Joint Venture and setting up a license pool administered under Ricardiam.

Member companies and individuals can also participate by sponsoring individuals, goals, or tasks under a license pool. In return, sponsors earn a right to repayment of principal plus a profit share percentage, as well as the right to supervise how their contribution is used.

How To Join WikiWe

How License Pools Work

  • The pool is dedicated to the fair mutual benefit of its contributing members via its charter.
  • Every new member is vouched by at least one existing member.
  • Building trust among members is paramount.
  • Ownership of assets created and maintained by shared effort flows primarily to those who do the work.
  • Capital contributed by active members is repaid with a reasonable return, but the license pool is not a vehicle for capital speculation.

Principled Peacemakers - Consent Channels

Show consent to the 🕊️ Principled Peacemakers Compact by accepting one or more of the Principled Peacemakers Channels:

“Allow AI/Bots” → Telegram Consent (for those who want AI-savvy support)
"Humans Only" → Signal Consent (for those who only want human help)
"Register Email" → Email DISABLED (for those who prefer email)
Group License → Produced by WikiWe without centralizing IP

By joining any of these Consent Channels, I grant to all who likewise accept this License, a royalty-free for non-commercial use, non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide license to copy, perform, publish, share, and make derivative use of, any of my words, images, comments, and profiles such as I publish in any of the Principled Peacemakers Channels or the listed repositories (, subject to the following conditions:

  • that you make no use of the licensed content that is offensive to peace and harmony of any group member or that dishonors the Principles and Core Values of any members;
  • that, before publishing any original or derivative work, you post a link to the work you propose to publish in the Consent Channel for at least seven (7) days without receiving objection from any authors or copyright holders of the content; and
  • you agree to not unreasonably withhold consent publication of your original work or derivatives thereof; and
  • you agree to resolve any conflicts regarding publication in accordance with the 🕊️ Principled Peacemakers Compact.

This Group License applies to original non-member contributions published at or in the consent groups indicated below. The terms of WikiWe license pools replace this license for member contributions.

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